The Phillies come into spring training with more questions than answers for the 2013 season. But if those questions can get answered in time, does this team have a chance at another World Series?

The biggest question right now for this team is health. Will Roy Halladay be able to stay healthy for the entire season? Can Chase Utley's knees withstand the riggers of a 162 game season? Is Ryan Howard's injury behind him and a big season on the horizon? And how many games will the newest acquisition Delmon Young be out with an ankle injury?

Then there are the talent questions. Is Dominic Brown ready to finally step up and silence all the critics? Can Michael Young hold up at third base for an entire season while still batting for a high average? How much will Ben Revere contribute? And which Carlos Ruiz will show up after his 25 game suspension?

All of these questions are valid ones and could very well determine whether this team is able to make the playoffs, but in the end, I think it's truly going to come down to the chemistry of this team.

Lineup changes are bound to happen and that is it's own challenge for the players, but how will the older players on this team connect with the younger guys and how will the core group of veteran guys who have been on this Phillies team for years welcome in the new additions? For me, that's the biggest question that will need to be answered and will ultimately determine the fate of these 2013 Phillies.