More is coming coming out about Mitch Williams wild weekend at a youth baseball tournament.

Earlier this week, it came out that "The Wild Thing" was ejected from the contest after arguing balls and strikes with one of the umpires.

Today, witnesses have relayed to Deadspin that Williams behavior towards the umpire was provoked by earlier incidents. In video acquired by Deadspin, Williams is seen walking up to his catcher and talking to him in between innings. After Williams goes back to the dugout, the catcher visits thew mound and presumable relays Williams orders have deliberately throwing at the next batter. Sure enough, the first pitch of the inning, the opposing player is hit by pitch and both benches were subsequently warned.

Witnesses also told Deadspin that they heard Williams call an opposing player an expletive. The child that the expletive was directed at then asked his parents what the word meant. Here is more of what the witnesses told Deadspin:

*"We hosted a tournament last weekend and 2 weekends ago and he was screaming at the umpires all weekend."

*"He basically was questioning every call, balls n strikes, bitching whining etc...he was basically a horses ass...well it really exploded on a very close play....he went off...cursing the ump...yelling at a spectator or two or three."

*"Basically in a nutshell, both days I saw this guy, he acted like an arrogant classless foul mouthed tool bag and DEFINITELY not someone id want coaching my kids!!!"


So far, MLB Network has comment on this matter.