97.3 ESPN is giving you the chance to see any NBA game in NBA city in the month of April.

The NBA is coming down the home stretch and you'll get to see one of the best games of the season - here are my top five games in April you won't want to miss.

  • 1

    Thurs., April 3 - San Antonio at Oklahoma City

    If you never got to see Tim Duncan play in person, you might want to hurry because this could be his last season.  While you're watching him, you might as well see Kevin Durant too while you're at it.

  • 2

    Sun., April 6 - LA Lakers at LA Clippers

    This is a great opportunity to see one of the best teams in the NBA, the Clippers, beat up on their big brothers, the LA Lakers.  LA is a Laker-town, but it's quickly becoming a Clippers town - and you could see the transformation.

  • 3

    Tues., April 8 - Brooklyn Nets at Miami Heat

    The Nets have beaten the Heat all three times they have played this season - and you'll get to see LeBron James play. Plus, the Nets have some star players you might not get to see too many more times: Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.

  • 4

    Wed., April 9 - Oklahoma City at LA Clippers

    Two of the best young and entertaining teams in the NBA play in the leagues final week. It's Chris Paul and Blake Griffin vs. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. You can't miss that.

  • 5

    Fri., April 11 - Indiana Pacers at Miami Heat

    The battle for the top spot in the Eastern conference could come down to this game. Paul George vs LeBron James in an Eastern Conference Final preview.