Paul Holmgren was walking down the street in his home state of Minnesota on Dec. 2, his birthday, when his cellphone rang.

The Flyers general manager was on his way to get breakfast with his grandkids when he saw Peter Luukko's name on the caller ID.

Luukko was leaving as team president.

Holmgren had an idea even before that call that one day he might have Luukko's job and Ron Hextall would become general manager.

He figured this scenario would take a few years to pan out after he brought Hextall back to Philadelphia a few months earlier as his assistant.

Five months later, it's come to fruition. Holmgren was named team president Wednesday, with Hextall becoming general manager.

"When Mr. (team chairman Ed) Snider and Homer brought me in the other day and talked about offering me this job, not only did I reach my goal of being a general manager, but I got my dream job," said Hextall, the team's former goalie.

"I've got a special feeling about this organization, and I am absolutely honored and thrilled today to be sitting here."

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