When the season ended that Sunday before the calendar turned to 2015, everything seemed cordial in the Eagles front office.

It was anything but.

Days after the season finale after the Giants, Tom Gamble was fired and Chip Kelly was forced to make a power play. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie caved and gave Kelly the power over personnel, while shifting the loyal Howie Roseman to the salary cap side of things.

Adam Caplan, part of ESPN Insiders Group, joined Mike Gill on 97.3 ESPN FM Thursday to discuss the timeline of everything that went down and what we can expect to happen this offseason.

"It got very ugly, Mike. He (Kelly) took control of the situation before it took control of him," Caplan said.

He's probably right about that. Kelly wasn't born yesterday and so when Gamble was released, Kelly knew he had to do something to override Roseman.

It's clear that the two haven't seen eye-to-eye for months and Kelly subtly made it public in his final press conference of the season referring to Roseman's in depth knowledge of just the salary cap.

Thus, Kelly is now fully in charge and Roseman has been delegated to the number crunching and salary cap side of things.

This could just be a quick fix, or something that will work long term.

We'll see.