It's about to get interesting in the Eagles locker room.

After the game, reports have started to surface that DeMarco Murray told reporters he does not believe he is getting the ball enough.

"No, I don't think I am," Murray admitted to reporters after the game. “I don’t think I am, but it’s just how the plays have been called.”

Murray carried the ball eight times for 36 yards, 30 of which came on the same play.

One of the reasons contributing to Murray's struggles right now is the play of the offensive line which center Jason Kelce described by saying; "It's a disgrace right now."

"Bottom line is our defense plays good enough, our offense struggles to move the ball when we don't do our job," Kelce added.

The line has been a big problem when trying to run the ball, and was thin to begin with and now they have injury issues up-and-down the line.  Jason Peters tried to play the game but left early which forced them to move Matt Tobin, who started at right guard, to left tackle and forced Dennis Kelly into the game at right guard.

"Right now we don't run the ball when we need to," Kelce admitted. "We don't pass block when we need to, and it's a disgrace right now."

Kelce's said after the game that it's very, very frustrating and was obviously not happy with the units play today and throughout the season.