We've seen some tantrums in the world of tennis over the years.

John McEnroe was famous for his on-the-court antics during the 1980's.

Most recently at the 2009 U.S. Open, Serena Williams smashed her racket in frustration in reaction to a line judge call during her grand slam final match against Kim Clijsters.

So what Argentina's David Nalbandian did during his semifinal match in the Aegon Championships isn't unprecedented.

During the match at The Queen Club final, Nalbandian was disqualified and conceded due to "unsportsmanlike conduct" for kicking an advertising board, subsequently injuring a line judge.

He's been fined $12,560 USD and was stripped of his $57,350 prize money since then.

He's now facing a police probe for an assault complaint.  London police have declined to say who filed the complaint, according to ESPN.

After the match, Nalbandian apologized to the official saying it was never his intent to hit him and it was an "unfortunate reaction in which I wanted to let off some steam after losing a point."

He lost more than a point.



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