Cole Hamels has suffered another setback.

This time it will cost him the month of April.

According to Phillies broadcaster Gregg Murphy, Hamels is 'out of the mix' for the month of April.

Murphy joined 'The Sportsbash' today with a report in Clearwater for spring training and talked about his interview with Hamels yesterday as well as the struggles of the Phillies who only have one win in Grape Fruit League play.

"It's simple. The Phillies are not as good of team without Cole Hamels as they are with him. It's really that simple," Murphy said.

Newly acquired pitcher Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez has not pitched well either. The Cuban defect has shown no control and not much velocity since being signed to a $12 million contract.

"He is the definition of a work in progress," Murphy commented.

One bright spot is Marlon Byrd who has his batting average over .300 in more than a dozen games in Clearwater. The Phillies will need Byrd to keep that up for the long haul if they expect to finish above .500.

The Phillies continue their Grapefruit League Schedule in Clearwater, FL.