The hit heard round the preseason still lives on.

Days after the controversial hit on Eagles QB Sam Bradford and his two ACL surgeries, Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett is the latest to voice his opinion.

Appearing on 710-ESPN in Seattle, Bennett was on the air with Brock and Salk when the conversation turned to both the hit and the reaction from Bradford afterwards:

"I mean, he gets hit in his knees and he's about to cry. 'They hit me in my legs.' Everybody gets hit in their legs. Every play somebody tries to hit me in my legs...So what makes him different? What makes his life better than mine? I've got kids. I've got stuff I like to do on the weekend....But because he gets hit in his legs, he gets a flag. He gets up with a sad face like the world just ended because he got hit. I mean, you got hit in an NFL game."

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly didnt see it that way, while offensive tackle Jason Peters referred to Terrell Suggs as "dirty" and even thought it was "premeditated."

Bennett also voiced his displeasure with the price tag on Sam Bradford calling him a "mediocre" quarterback when referencing how much money compared to success he's had in his career.

Bennett isnt off by calling him a mediocre quarterback, he's compiled an 18-30-1 record in his career.

The Bradford trash talk begins around the 11:00 mark.