PHILADELPHIA ( — If Sam Bradford was excited about Chip Kelly's vote of confidence earlier this week, the Eagles quarterback kept his poker face when addressing his future in Philadelphia on Wednesday.

"It’s great to hear (the endorsement)," Bradford said Wednesday, "but I don’t think that means a whole lot and it’s not going to change how I approach things."

Bradford was peppered with the questions about his future after Kelly seemingly indicated he wanted to move forward with the suddenly streaking signal.

“We’ve always wanted Sam here,” Kelly said on Monday. “We wouldn’t have traded for him if we thought he was going to be here for a year.”

Even if Kelly is being completely above board, contract negotiations with Bradford could be very tricky especially if he finishes a late-season run strong and leads the Eagles to the NFC East title. From there every potential postseason win would also add a layer to the negotiations.

“I’ll get into all that in the offseason,” Bradford said when asked about his expiring five-year rookie deal originally signed with St. Louis.

Bradford's injury history, inconsistent play in St. Louis and early-season struggles here would likely keep the length of a potential extension a little shorter than usual.

Meanwhile, starting QBs in the NFL who earn new deals generally are getting paid significant money and two sources told that the Eagles' cursory attempts of signing Bradford earlier involved a team-friendly deal that Bradford's camp never took seriously.

There is also been some speculation that Bradford, an Oklahoma City native, is not enamored with the East Coast lifestyle, something the 28-year-old denied on Wednesday.

“I do like it here," he claimed. "It’s a lot different than anywhere I’ve ever been before, but I really do enjoy it here.”

Much of this speculation of course is jumping the gun because of Kelly's comments Monday and the reality is both sides have at least three more games to figure out their particular stances.

A total collapse would likely change Kelly's thinking and a strong finish would put Bradford in a better position in a quarterback-starved league.

In other words, every thing is in a holding pattern right now.

"I'll think about that in the offseason," Bradford said. I'm not too worried about what is going to happen three or four months down the line."

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