Brian Dawkins knows a thing, or two about NFL locker rooms.

DeSean Jackson signed with the Washington Redskins on Monday, but there are still unanswered questions surrounding his release from the Eagles. Fans around the NFL don't understand why a team who just won their division cut their best receiver coming off his best year.

Was it money?

He was already due more than $10 million from a previous extension and just hours after the season ended Jackson stated his intentions of wanting a new contract.

Was it his lack of commitment?

Chip Kelly is now in charge and wants to create a team-building type atmosphere and it's been reported that Jackson showed up late to meetings/workouts, etc.

Was it possible gang affiliations?

Jackson is from South Los Angeles which is an area known for gangs. An article released by alleging Jackson's ties with noted gang members. Jackson also has been photographed gesturing noted gang signs and perhaps on the football field.

Dawkins joined 'The Sportsbash' with Mike Gill on Friday afternoon to discuss his thoughts on the Jackson saga.

Dawkins was able to compare it to two situations he's experienced in his NFL days: Brandon Marshall and Terrell Owens.

Dawkins also thinks Jackson needs to look himself in the mirror and change anything he thinks he should change to move forward in his life.

A must-listen interview with Eagles legend Brian Dawkins: