It's that time of year when only two teams have reason to trash talk: the Warriors and the Cavaliers.

It looks like the Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers didn't get the memo.

Those two teams got into bit of a Twitter spat last night on their social media accounts exchanging jabs that featured Ray Allen, Allen Iverson, Brett Brown and even a Michael Carter-Williams reference.

It all started innocently enough with the Bucks social media account celebrating an anniversary of sorts when Ray Allen led the team in a Game 6 victory (over the 76ers) in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Remember, it was the Sixers who won that series in seven games and went on to face the Lakers in the NBA Finals that year.


Realizing this, the Sixers responded with a fabulous GIF asking the tweeter to "go on..."


The Bucks then brought things current to 2015 and wondered when the Sixers would rejoin the "playoff party."


The Bucks, of course, just rejoined the playoff party this season so they must be feeling pretty proud of themselves.

The Sixers then brought things back to 2001 and posted a video of Allen Iverson celebrating in that series:


The Bucks really have no comeback for anything that happened in 2001 so they brought it back current and landed a left jab posting a Michael Carter-Williams video which highlighted his performance against the Sixers:


Now MCW has nothing to do with anything being discussed here so the Sixers pointed this out with a Wikipedia link:


The Bucks then decided to try and end things on their terms and the Sixers somewhat followed along:



The Sixers should get bonus points for using GIFs and other videos, while the Bucks were the innocent ones just trying to defend themselves.

In the end, the Sixers started the spat by attacking the Bucks for trying to celebrate a Game 6 Ray Allen performance.

The Bucks also lose points for trying to bring up a MCW performance against the Sixers which was irrelevant to the argument.

Sixers win in a close one.