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Five on the Saints: New Orleans is No Brees
PHILADELPHIA (973espn.com) - Billy Davis seems to understand what he's in for Sunday when the Eagles will attempt to begin to salvage what is shaping up as a disappointing season against the 1-3 New Orleans Saints.
The Saints aren't what they once were but Drew Brees is still piloting thing…
Lane Johnson the Left Tackle?
PHILADELPHIA (973espn.com) - The Eagles haven't been able to count on much from an offensive standpoint in the 2015 season, save for the solid play of right tackle Lane Johnson.
McMullen on the Eagles: Friday Stock Watch
PHILADELPHIA (973espn.com) - We now have at least a representative sample size for the 2015 Eagles season so it's time to break out our stock watch and identify who the bulls and bears have been on this team.
The eye in the sky never lies and reputation can so previous success or prior accolades are …

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