Though that dutiful tip of the cap, bowed by A. Sherrod Blakely of CSN New England with Todd Ranck on 97.3 ESPN-FM, didn't come without a caveat. Because, as Blakely elaborated more thoroughly later, Iguodala was about as covered as deli cold cuts on that uber timely shot -- his three-point field goal with 36 seconds left, the last of his game-high 16 points and 8 in the last 3 minutes, 11 seconds, put the Sixers up 88-83 -- that, certain extenuating circumstances notwithstanding, you'd figure (and he would probably hope) might earn Iguodala a break in this town.

Think again.

Said Blakely: "He was busting Ray Allen on those plays. Ray Allen was the guy who was guarding him, switched out on him when he was making his big shots. And nothing against Ray but, Avery Bradley, Mikael Pietrus, Ray Allen -- if there's one guy you don't want out on the floor and you need a defensive stop, it's Ray Allen."

On a more positive (and less backhanded) uptick, though, Blakely highlighted Ray Allen's flimsy showing in these playoffs, citing not a diminished role or waning health, but the residual of an otherworldly talent coming crashing back down to earth.

Said Blakely: "I think with Ray, it's not even so much the injury and it's not his role. I think it's Ray slowing down finally.

"He doesn't look like he's favoring the ankle. He just looks a step slower than he normally is."

Which, given the compounding problem within Avery Bradley's seeming lack of interest in the series -- which, Blakely noted, makes absolutely no sense, because, if there was anybody who'd yawn at the Sixers, you'd figure it the veterans who are hungry for more, Bradley, who's 21 and was drafted in 2010, makes for one of the youngest Celtics on the club -- poses pretty serious problems. (Or, if you're Iguodala, opportunities.) How bad? Take it away, ASB.

Said Blakely: "My level of concern, it went from 'absolutely nada' to 'ehh, a little bit.'

"I still think the Celtics will win this series and I think they'll win the next two games. The thing about the Celtics, they're the most maddening team on the planet."

Funny. Bet Iguodala would say the same about his luck.

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