New Eagles head coach Chip Kelly met the media for the second time in his short tenure.

Today's press conference was different than it was four weeks ago as Mike Vick has agreed to a restructured contract and will return for 2013.

Kelly had glowing this to say about both Vick and Nick Foles and told the media that a starter will not be named.

"The starting QB will be decided on the practice field," Kelly said.

Kelly continued to compliment Vick on his quick release and ability to scramble when a play breaks down.

Kelly also commented on the toughness Vick has shown and his ability to stay in the pocket and deliver a thrown when a player misses a block.

In a statement to Yahoo! Sports Vick said: "I feel this was the prefect situation for me."

Listen to the entire Chip Kelly press conference below:


--Pete Giordano