The website is a website that runs statistics and come up with a financial estimation based on the players numbers.

The site listed the current market value for Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford to be 3-years, $55.9 million, with an annual average value of $18.6 million.

Bradford is a free agent and NFL Nation Eagles reporter Phil Sheridan reports the Eagles could let impending free agent Sam Bradford walk if they believe they can get a "legit quarterback" in the draft.

"There is a bunch of stuff they can do," Sheridan said as a guest of the Sports Bash.

"They can get a sense of where everybody is, what kind of quarterbacks are available, what their options are and if none of them are going to be better than Sam Bradford, they almost have to fins a way to bring Sam Bradford back."

While Bradford has not spoken publicly on the issue, new Eagles coach Doug Pederson said free agent Bradford would "love to be back" with the Eagles.

The 28-year old posted career-highs in both yards (3,725) and completion percentage (65.0), but, so far, the Eagles have stopped short of saying they definitively want Bradford back as their quarterback in 2016.

The website also says the current open-market value for Eagles defensive end Vinny Curry is 4-years, $26.9 million, with an average of $6.7 million, a big boost from the $845,458 per season he made on average his first four seasons in the league.

Curry will most likely be an attractive option for teams in free agency, but Sheridan think the Eagles should have a good shot at retaining his services.

"He's a local guy, he's from the area, he would like to be here I think," Sheridan explained about Curry.  "I would imagine they would have to pay Vinny Curry something like they had to pay Brandon Graham last year.  If they get him a deal like that I can't imagine that he finds a deal significantly higher elsewhere."

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