Andrew Bynum had his timetable delayed another three weeks and the 76ers now hope he can resume basketball activities by Dec. 10.

But that doesn't mean the Sixers star couldn't play if needed.

Bynum met with Sixers media members today, when asked if he could play if this were the playoffs Bynum responded: "I believe so, I have been through this in the past, I played in the Boston series in the finals and actually in the Orlando series as well I came back off injury and just played in the playoffs.  I think its more about the hunt for the championship and to get a ring and you want to win those."

(Listen to Sixers radio voice Tom Mcginnis talk about Andrew Bynum on the Sports Bash) :

Bynum says he first hurt the knee running on the track running laps and intervals and then on the basketball court while playing with the Lakers doing some individual workouts.  He said he never banged his knee to cause the bone bruise.

He acknowledged that he is pretty confident that this injury isn't serious and that he should be able to make a full recovery and come back to contribute this season without further issues. He said that he is getting better and better slowly everyday but said mentally its been tough, and that he wanted to get out there and play.