You would think signing Mike Vick to a six-year, $100 million deal would have taken the pressure off of the Eagles to take a quarterback early in the draft.

However, it hasn't stopped the rumors from continuing.

According to a report in the Cleveland Plain dealer the Eagles and Rams are both "believed to be" interested in trading up to the Browns' pick at No. four overall.

The Eagles brass conducted a private workout with Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill earlier this month, suggests they're growing increasingly worried about Michael Vick's durability heading into his age-32 campaign.

While I would still be surprised if the Seahawks take the former Texas A&M quarterback despite more pressing needs at defensive end and linebacker, its starting to sound like the Eagles might be enamored in what they saw in the raw, but talented signal caller.

Or could the Eagles be interested in a guy like Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon?  I have said on the show that if Notre Dame WR Michael Floyd was on the board at no. 15 that the Eagles should take him as the best player available.  However, would the Eagles be interested in moving that far up the board to take Blackmon if they know Floyd is there at 15?  Probably not.

Which takes us back to Tannehill.

We've spent so much time talking linebacker or defensive tackle for the Eagles recently, but what if they did jump outside the box and take Tannehill.  To try to predict exactly what is going to happen is impossible.  If we know anything about the NFL draft and the Eagles you never know what can happen on draft day.

Trades, perplexing moves, staying put, they all can and have happened the past few years.  But what if the Eagles traded all the way up to number four and took Tannehill, is that even an option?  Heck, I wouldn't even be happy if the Birds took Tannehill at 15, let alone move all the way up to four to get him.

What if Andy Reid and the brass has him valued and rated in such a range that he is to them the "best player available' and rated higher then any prospect and they move up to go get him because they like him that much.

Again, let me say this very clearly, I would not take Tannehill at 15, and I certainly would not want to move up to four to take him either.  The problem is, if they move up to four, is there a guy that jumps off the page that makes sense?

Taking Tannehill at four or 15 for that matter is simply to high.

But what if the Eagles make that move?  What are you going to be feeling on draft day if the Eagles pick Tannehill at four or 15?

Will you be shocked or surprised?  Frankly I would be, but these are the Eagles, they do what they want and usually they do something we weren't expecting.