The Eagles knew they were getting faster and more athletic along the offensive line when they drafted Jason Kelce, a center that they considered an athletic upgrade over Jamaal Jackson and a better fit to play in Howard Mudd's scheme.

Kelce, after all, had run the 40-yard dash in 4.89 seconds at his pro day workout,, making him the fastest of all offensive lineman at the 2011 NFL Scouting Combine.

After starting every game for the Eagles in 2011, the speedy center that the Eagles hoped would be a pro bowl center this season hurt his knee in the opening week of the season - causing a major issue in the very important middle of the offensive line.

The offensive line has had it's issues all season long and on Sunday they gave up two key sacks in overtime on back-to-back plays.

“You know, I do the best I can," Mike Vick said when asked if he has enough time in the pocket.  "I give everything I got and you know I’m pretty sure my teammates do as well, other than that, they wouldn’t be out there on the field. We give 110 percent effort. We do the best that we can when we have the opportunities and I know I always walk of the field leaving it all out on the field.”

Vick said they give 110 percent and that they wouldn't be out there if they didn't.  Maybe they are giving 110 percent, maybe 110 percent just isn't good enough from this group.

Through six weeks, the Eagles line is tied for sixth worst in the league, giving up 17 sacks..

Mike Gill talked to former Eagles center Jamaal Jackson on Thursday's edition of the Sports Bash to see if he could still play, why he didn't fit in Philly last season and what his thoughts are of the team's offensive line through the first six games of the season.

Jamaal Jackson on the Sports Bash: