This week on "The Sportsbash," we've gotten plenty of expert takes on the future of Roy Halladay.

Today former pitcher and current MLB Network analyst Dan Plesac called in to talk about his experiences with shoulder injuries and what how he expects Halladay to recover from the surgery he is receiving next week.

Plesac was on the Blue Jays when Halladay was a rookie and knows about the work ethic Halladay possesses.

"His work ethic will help him through this injury, but at some point you have to come to grips with the fact that youre not the same pitcher," Plesac told Mike and Todd.

Halladay told reporters on Wednesday that the doctor has told him that the surgery can "turn the clock back 2-3 years on his career," but Plesac remains cautious about that prognosis.

"Anytime youre going into the shoulder, youre asking for problems. I think the Phillies are being overly optimistic thinking he'll return in 2013," he said.

Plesac was also asked about the emergence of his former teammate Ryne Sandberg who is possibly a manage in waiting for a lame duck manager in Charlie Manuel.

"Ryno is going to be a manager in the majors one day, but I would have never thought that when I played with him."

LISTEN to Dan Plesac:

--Pete Giordano