Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports gives us an update on Delmon Young, who has been limited to mostly tee work as he recovers from offseason surgery.  It had been reported that Young is "likely" to start the season on the disabled list however, Rosenthal delivers some good news:

Good news, for both Young (who would be position to make himself $100,000 at six monitored weigh-ins), and the Phillies, who could use some right-handed hitting.

It's spring, but Phillies right-handers have notoriously struggled, hitting .234/.277/.404 in 10 games and 171 at-bats. Left-field hopefuls John Mayberry Jr., and Darin Ruf are 9-for-43 (.209) with 10 strikeouts.

How much Young can contribute remains to be seen. The thought in his one-year, $750,000 base deal was a once top prospect who hit 18 home runs and 74 RBIs last season -- his last of three played, as he said, "on one leg" -- can, at worst, help.

Young had before been limited to mostly tee work. He'll likely open 2013 on the DL