Talk about bass-akwards.

DeSean Jackson, levying a leadership role on himself after landing (what could be) a mega deal?

Said Jackson at Novacare yesterday: "Being a leader, honestly. Carrying the guys along with me. Stepping up and being accountable. That's the biggest thing this team needs. Myself, Michael Vick, (Jeremy) Maclin, (LeSean) McCoy, (Brent) Celek, these guys like that -- as far as the offense -- it starts there, first and foremost.

"We have to go out there and help our defense out by keeping them off the field and scoring as many points as possible. As long as we're able to do that -- the group of guys I just said -- as long as we're able to lead, everybody watch us and just follow along.

"Doesn't really have to be anybody screaming or yelling at anybody. As long as they can see it as an example, and we're showing the young guys what to do, I think everybody else will follow."

Uhh, one more time?

You mean that you're ready to assume a leadership role? And you're demanding that other guys step up and shoulder the burden with you? (With the implication that you're not going to be permissive of anyone slacking or sloughing off those duties?) And you're doing this in the shadow of a season-long injury to one of the longest and tallest standing leadership figures? (Jason Peters. Yeah. "Talk about timing" is right.) And in the immediate wake of a (potentially) monster contract? And you're recognizing that the defense is still raw and tender and vulnerable and needs to be coddled for great things to happen this season? (And that they need to happen this season; why else would he speak up?) And that you're going to do it by example, which, yeah, is not only the most effective, but also the most mature, leadership tactic? All to better guide the young bucks, who, you also glean, are gonna have to play a pretty big part in this thing if it's going to get off the ground and go anywhere?

And we're talking about DeSean Jackson talking? The same guy who LaDainian Tomlinson'd into the end zone against Dallas? Who threw away what would've been the first punt-return touchdown of his career three yards before scoring? Who called himself and his teammates Mike Vick's "pitt bulls" and (minimally) tarnished The Vick Redemption Narrative's consummate moment?

Ya kidding?

Guess not. Least Jackson isn't.