We can all agree, this season for the Sixers has been a complete disappointment, none of which has been more disappointing than the fact that Andrew Bynum has never made it onto the floor for an NBA game yet this year.

His degenerative knees could be an issue for the rest of his career, and more importantly, the rest of his life. So the question should be posed, should we, as a fan base, give Andrew Bynum a second chance to prove his worth?

Ok, so this is a guy who was a double double machine. Before his injury, he was arguably the 2nd best center in the NBA behind Dwight Howard. We can't honestly blame him for his degenerative knees who apparently have a mind of their own.

What we can question however, is his dedication and work ethic in trying to rehabilitate his knees as quickly as possible, enabling him to get back on the floor as soon as possible. Also, while we the fans have been frustrated with the situation, Andrew has had an opportunity to do some damage control with what he has said to us and more importantly how he said it and sadly has fallen short in my eyes. His personality and nonchalant attitude hasn't won over many of the fans here in Philadelphia.

Although I don't blame him for his injury, I certainly question, as Magic Johnson did last week, Bynum's heart, desire, work ethic, and pain threshold. After dealing with the debacle of this current season, I don't think I'm willing to give this "Andrew Bynum Experiment" a second chance, are you? As it seems this franchise has been doing for so long now, it's time to cut their losses and start all over once again with a lot of new faces and new attitudes.