As the Eagles get ready to face the Carolina Panthers tonight, they are looking for their third win in a row and fourth in five games, the theme this week was Sam Bradford.

Is he is on solid ground following a three interception game, nine overall picks, four of which have been in the end zone, this season?

Earlier in the week, Eagles coach Chip Kelly stated he has no plans to bench Sam Bradford.

"Sam's our quarterback," Kelly said Tuesday. "We have full confidence in Sam."

But is patience wearing thin at the NovaCare Center and the Eagles have a decision to make on Bradford and his future. Keep in mind, next week, the Eagles have their bye week - the following week would be Bradford's eighth game.

Translation - if the Eagles aren't sold on Bradford, now might be the time to make a change.

"Right now they are staying with Sam Bradford," ESPN NFL reporter Sal Paolantonio said during Sal Pal Friday on the Sports Bash.  "Despite the overwhelming evidence that Sam Bradford can't do the basic things that a quarterback is supposed to do for his football team."

But how much time does Bradford have left, with the Eagles ability to secure a fourth round pick if they sit him - could time be running out on Bradford?

"I think time is running out for Sam Bradford," Paolantonio stated.  "I think patience is real thin for Sam Bradford, not only in the fan base, but I think there are rumblings and whispers around the team that he's got to improve and he's got to stop the turnovers because he's holding this team back."

If things need to change fast for Bradford, this might not be the week.  Bradford's leash might be getting shorter and now he must face the Panthers' elite pass defense on the road in Carolina.

"There is no question about it, it's do or die," Paolantonio said.  "Someway, somehow you have to get Bradford's attention, either through words or actions, this cannot go on."

"How many interceptions are enough?, Paolantonio asked. "Is 12?, Is it 15?, Where do you draw the line in the sand and say that's it, you're out, on the bench?"

So far this season, it appears that Coach Kelly has gone out of his way to protect Bradford, he has said things to indicate that the issues Sam is having aren't all his fault.

"If the struggles continue," Paolantonio said.  "I wonder if the patience runs out with Sam Bradford."

For many Eagles fans it already has.

(Listen to the full Sal Pal Friday interview with ESPN NFL Reporter Sal Paolantonio)