At Tuesday's introductory press conference, new Eagles head coach Doug Pederson called free agent quarterback Sam Bradford a "top-notch quarterback" and said he'd fit "perfectly" in his offense.

"He's a quarterback that would fit perfectly into a system that I'm going to bring," Pederson admitted. "And so, you know, as we evaluate, as I evaluate that position, those decisions will be made as we go."

Alex Smith had maybe his best season playing in Kansas City, and its possible Pederson could have a similar impact on Bradford if the Eagles decide to bring him back. Today it sounded like Pederson was giving Bradford an important vote of confidence as he heads for free agency.

"I think Sam, he's got all the tools, there's no question," explained Pederson. "There's no denying that. Got good size, got a great arm, good mind for the game, and it's just a matter of now just plugging him in and cutting him loose and utilizing those strengths in this system."

One question will be, is Jeffery Luire willing to make the financial commitment that it might take to bring Bradford back?  Bradford could command anywhere from $16-$22 million on the free agent market.

"I think, really, this is the time to leave that to the evaluation process," Lurie explained. "We have a new head coach who understands the quarterback position a lot more than I do. I think all the input of someone who really is now in charge of our football team as head coach will have a very large influence over that."

"Sam did a lot of good things and he seemed to get better during the course of the season, but that's -- it is the key. Structure is -- accountability is crucial and franchise quarterback is very, very important."

Structure is a very key word, Bradford will be playing for his fifth offensive coordinator with Pat Shurmur most likely leaving the organization, but he played a big role in Bradford's first year in Philadelphia, where he posted career-highs in both yards (3,725) and completion percentage (65.0).

"I haven't decided yet on an offensive coordinator," Pederson said, though reports are former Chargers offensive coordinator Frank Reich could be named as early as tomorrow.

"Interviewing a few people, and again, just evaluate that position. I know it's an important position. From where I come from the last three years, [the offensive coordinator is] tied directly in with the quarterback position. And looking at the quarterback position here, I think Sam's a quality quarterback; I think he's a top-notch quarterback. Look what he did the last half of the season and the numbers that he was able to put up."

Will he get a chance to build on those numbers in year two in Philadelphia or will it be a one-and-done season for Bradford?

Time will tell, but it seems like Pederson would like to have Bradford back.