USA Today reports that the Eagles and Chiefs indeed discussed a trade that would send Nick Foles to Kansas City this week.

The Eagles according to the report are "conveying" to the Chiefs that they plan to keep Foles, likely in order to maintain leverage in future trade negotiations.  The deal seems to make sense for the Eagles who have already brought in Dennis Dixon and re-worked Mike Vick's contract.

So what are the Eagles looking to get in return for Foles?

It's believed Philadelphia would accept a second-day draft pick for Foles and ESPN's Chris Mortensen stated on NFL 32 on Thursday that he believes Foles could be acquired for a third-round pick.

"I do believe there is some substance to the desire to talk to the Eagles about Nick Foles," said Mortensen. "I think it'd take probably a third-rounder to get Foles. So I wouldn't close the door on that."

Earlier in the week, Eagles new head coach Chip Kelly spoke from the combine and stated when asked about trading Foles, "I want to coach Nick."

That seemingly put a wrench in the Eagles plans to deal Foles - until now.

A source tells Garafolo that "no progress has been made," but that obviously is subject to change.