The Eagles coaching search is now at 9.

After a CSN Philly report surfaced yesterday about the Eagles interviewing former Ravens head coach Brian Billick, the Eagles confirmed today that they interview former Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt Monday morning.

They are also set to interview Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden today.

With Whisenhunt's name released, the Eagles coaching search currently sits at 9 coaches whom have been interview by the Eagles trio of Jeffrey Lurie, Howie Roseman and Don Smolenski:

1. Brian Billick,

2. Ken Whisenhunt,

3. Jay Gruden,

4. Bruce Arians,

5. Chip Kelly,

6. Brian Kelly,

7. Bill O’Brien,

8. Gus Bradley,

9. Mike Nolan,

10. Keith Armstrong,

11. Mike McCoy,

12. Lovie Smith

According to reports, the two longest interviews conducted by the Eagles were with Oregon coach Chip Kelly and Billick, a current broadcaster with FOX.

The two shortest interviews came with Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy and Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley, although the Eagles are reportedly set to interview Bradley for a second time.

--Pete Giordano