Some would say it'd be a miracle if Sam Bradford led the Eagles to a Super Bowl appearance this football season.

There's a man who grants miracles coming to Philadelphia in September on his world tour.

So, why not see if you can put a favor in to his holiness?

That's what Eagles fans are attempting to do when Pop Francis visits Philadelphia for the World Meeting of Families in 2015.

The Papal is visiting Philadelphia in late September and will be delivering a mass on September 27th, the same day the Eagles are conveniently out of town at the Meadowlands playing the Jets.

The petition on reads:

"The Pope is coming to Philly! Our city! With this Eagles season coming up, a lot of our Super Bowl hopes rely on Sam Bradford's knees staying healthy. So, with one of the most religious representatives in the world visiting our wonderful place we call home, how about we get him to bless Bradford's knees during his visit to Philly! This town deserves a Super Bowl, and a healthy Sam Bradford is the only way we will have a parade down Broad Street! Please sign this petition and Go Eagles and Welcome to Philly, Pop Francis!!!!"

Bradford missed all of last season with a torn anterior cruciate ligament with the Rams which was the second such injury to his ACL.

He also missed time in 2013 with the original injury to his ACL.

The petition, started out of Audubon, PA, amassed over 1,500 signatures by Tuesday morning.

To sign the petition, click here.