Joseph Addai has been mentioned as a possibility to join the Eagles this off-season due to his link to OL coach Howard Mudd.  The Eagles currently have Dion Lewis serving as the back-up to LeSean McCoy.

Eagles GM Howie Roseman told the Philadelphia Inquire that he is comfortable with Dion Lewis as LeSean McCoy's primary backup.

"There's no question," Roseman said. "This is a heck of a player, really productive in college. ... Every time he touched the ball [last year] you felt like there was a chance for something really positive to happen."

Addai can still pass protect and catch passes, but he lacks any hint of explosion in his lower body going on age 29 and he's missed 12 games due to injury over the past two seasons. He gained 433 yards on 3.7 yards per carry, catching 15 balls in 12 games with the Colts last season.