Eagles incumbent starting safeties Nate Allen and Kurt Coleman continue to take reps with the first-team defense, but newcomer David Sims, who was just acquired from Cleveland earlier this week is hoping he can make an impact. 

Sims told the media he expects to be in the mix for a starting job at some point this season after having a solid camp with the Browns

“No doubt,” Sims said.  “But first of all, I’ve got to come in, get in with the team, learn and get established and everything, learn the plays before I can [compete].”

In the preseason with Cleveland, Sims has two interceptions (including one for a touchdown), two defensed passes and 10 tackles.  However, before he competes for a starting position, he will have to become acclimated with the Eagles defensive scheme. something he thinks will happen sooner than later.

“I don’t think it’s going to take too long for the simple fact that the playbook is the same,” explained Sims.  “But the terminology is different, so I’ve just got to transfer terminology and everything.”

Either way Sims should be extra ready to play in week one – he will face the team that traded him to the Eagles last week, the Browns.  He said in a way it’s a bit strange, but is glad that he landed wit the Eagles.

“Yeah, it is in a sense,” Sims acknowledged.  “But I just think of it as a new journey, as just opening up new doors for me. So it’s weird, but it’s not weird in a sense because I’m just moving forward with that. Not trying to look back.”

For now, Sims is available to play against the Browns if needed, but will see limited time in practice working with the second-team.  However, he is excited to be a part of a team that has its sights set on the Super Bowl, something that wasn’t going to happen in Cleveland this season.

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