Let the power struggle begin.

In a surprising move, the Eagles announced today that they've mutually agreed to part ways with vice president of player personnel Tom Gamble.

“We thank Tom for his service over the past two seasons and wish him and his family the best as they move forward,” said Howie Roseman, Eagles GM.“I appreciate all Tom has done for our scouting department and our team.”



Eagles head coach Chip Kelly spoke highly of Gamble when he was asked about the possibility of him interviewing for jobs with other teams on Monday.

"I think Tom does an outstanding job and if he has the opportunity to do that, then I would support him in anything," Kelly stated.  "If I can give him any help in that situation I would.  But he's a heck of a football guy."

A heck of a football guy is the key phrase there and ESPN NFL insider Chris Mortensen believes the parties didn't leave on the best of terms.


When asked how is working relationship was with Eagles GM Howie Roseman, Kelly simply said - "Good".

Kelly insinuated on Monday the he makes the roster decisions and Roseman does the contracts.

"That's not my strength.," Kelly admitted.  "I understand it, but that's really what he (Roseman) does an outstanding job of that.  I think since I've been here one of the attractive things about this job, there are not cap issues.  You don't look at it and go, ‘Oh, my God.  We're going to have to cut 12 players because we're going to be $40 million over the cap.’  He (Roseman) does an outstanding job of that.  That's his training."

So what exactly was Gambles role in the organization?  He is well respected around the NFL and came with high credentials when he left San Francisco for Philly two years ago.  Many around the team seem to feel that Kelly leaned more on Gamble then Roseman when it came to evaluating talent - so does this move signal that Lurie is siding with Roseman over Kelly?

Many people believe that Roseman was calling the shots during the 2012 draft, Andy Reid's final season in Philadelphia.  In that draft, the team acquired Fletcher Cox, Mychal Kendricks, Nick Foles, Brandon Boykin, Vinny Curry and Bryce Brown.

In the last two drafts, many feel that it was Kelly calling the shots, and since Kelly seemed to listen to more of what Gamble had to say, he is now gone.  Could this be the first crack in the Eagles front office armour?

Jeff Lurie has been loyal to Roseman, he could have blown him out when Andy Reid was fired and started fresh.  However, Lurie stuck by him, leading Joe Banner to leave the Eagles nest back in 2012. Now this further shows that Lurie is firmly in Roseman's corner. Could this be the first shot fired from Lurie trying to take some of the power away from Kelly?

According to a story by Phil Sheridan of ESPN.com, he writers:

According to a source with knowledge of the Eagles' inner workings, there is a divide among the team's football people. Some are loyal to Kelly and others side with Roseman. The source said Gamble's ouster was a sign that Eagles owner Jeff Lurie was siding with Roseman.

Well it should be an interesting offseason in the City of Brotherly Love.