Eagles right guard Evan Mathis was the guest-host this week on "The Players Show" LIVE from Chickie's & Pete's in EHT. We played a few radio calls of Merrill Reese and Mike Quick to start the show and asked him if he was as nervous for those two kicks as most, if not all the fans were on Sunday night. Mathis said he was right next to Andy Reid and the referee when he called the timeout so he knew it was coming, but he thought for the sure the second kick was going to make it. Also asked him about Mike Vick and what kind of leader he is in and out of the huddle:


Dawkins/Your Teammates

During halftime of Sunday's game former safety Brian Dawkins No. 20 was retired, as he made his halftime speech to the crowd. Mathis said that before the game Dawkins addressed the team and got them all fired up for the game. Mathis also talks about some of his Eagles teammates and their wild personalities:


Meet Mathis

In this segment, Todd Ranck plays a little "think fast" game with Evan Mathis. Does he hit the snooze button when waking up? What's his favorite destination for a vacation? Mathis answers these questions and more below.


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