Here are my thoughts on the first half of the 17-7 deficit the Eagles are down by at the half in Seattle: -Kurt Coleman is HORRIBLE. I honestly don't know how an NFL team can run him out there week after week. He is constantly around the area where big plays are given up.

-Come on with that interception, Vince Young.

-Marshawn Lynch is officially in beast mode tonight.

-How many tackles can Philadelphia miss in the second half.

-Seattle averages 294 yards per game on offense. They have 245 at the half.

-It's almost unbelievable that Tarvaris Jackson has a 114.2 quarterback rating in an NFL game.

-Vince Young pass attempts: 12. LeSean McCoy rush attempts: 7. Factor in all the scrambles, sacks, and rushes that VY has and pull your hair out.

-Jason Peters has had a really impressive season.

-Tough to watch Colt Anderson go down like that with an injury.

-I'm less than excited to watch the last 30 minutes of this nonsense.