ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd finally addressed the news that he'd be leaving the network in the near future.

Cowherd was off the last few days on vacation and Wednesday was the first time his listeners were able to hear from him on the matter.

Cowherd has held down his midday time slot for the network for 12 years after taking over for the departing Tony Kornheiser and hasn't looked back.

"Yes, I’m leaving ESPN,” were the first words spoken today. “It’s been unbelievable. And I don’t wanna get melancholy here. It’s amicable. I’m on the air today talking about it. That tells you the relationship I have with this company and with my bosses, who are friends for life," he added.

It's been reported that Cowherd will be leaving for the competition, FOX Sports, but that has not yet been confirmed. The radio veteran added that his listeners will be given an indication as to where he'll be headed fairly soon.

Cowherd has made it known to his audience that he is moving from Bristol, Connecticut -- the headquarters of ESPN to sunny California by the end of the year.

A move to the west coast allows Cowherd to return to his roots, being a Washington native and spending time in Portland before being hired by ESPN in 2003.

A replacement for Cowherd has not been determined.

Full audio of Cowherd's comments are below: