With Villanova making it to the Sweet 16, there has been attention given to the Wildcats "getting over the hump" but Villanova Basketball Broadcaster Ryan Fannon says that way of thinking is short sighted:


"When you look at Jay Wright's career at Villanova, because of the last couple years it has been a couple tough, early exits in the Round of 32, everybody's is focused on the fact that they got over the hump....I think back to the fact that Jay Wright took Villanova to the Sweet 16 in '05, the Elite Eight in '06, the Sweet 16 in '08 and the Final Four berth in '09 so I look at it like he's taken the Cats to the Sweet 16 five times in the last twelve years.  It's just the last couple years there's been all this emphasis, 'Can Villanova get through the Round of 32' cause people have a short memory span and when you look at the big picture he has delivered for Villanova in a huge way in his career at Villanova."

Elsa/Staff/Getty Images

Hear what Fannon also had to say about Villanova's success over the last 12 years, what making it to the Sweet 16 means to the Seniors, and he previews the matchup on Thursday night versus the Miami Hurricanes