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Here is today’s show: Thursday September 6th, 2012.



Cowboys and Giants Kick Things Off

Week 1 of the NFL Season was officially kicked off last night and the Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo looked good, while the Giants looked like a 9-7 team Giants QB Eli Manning did  not have a good game, nor did Victor Cruz and both Mike and Todd believe that Manning is not an elite QB because he doesn't put up the regular season numbers needed to be considered. Cowboys and Giants next play each other on Week 8 in Dallas.


Jeff Pasquino, Fantasy Football Advice

Each Thursday at 2:45 during the NFL season, our Fantasy Football Expert Jeff Pasquino will call in and give us starts, sleepers, studs and duds for that weeks games. If you have a question for Jeff, send us a tweet and Mike Gill will ask your question to Jeff on air.


KC Joyner Back for Football Season

KC Joyner, ESPN.com is back for his Thursday weekly segment during the 2012 NFL Season. Joyner liked what he saw from the Cowboys last night, he just wonders if they can put that forth for 16 games. On the Eagles/Browns game this Sunday, a Joe Haden absence is crippling for Cleveland he expects the Eagles to roll with no problem. Follow KC Joyner on Twitter.

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY OR SELL Phillies playing best baseball of season and are ready to pronounce them dead?

2. BUY OR SELL the Bobby V interview?

3. BUY OR SELL Art Modell's legacy tainted because of him moving team to Baltimore?

4. BUY OR SELL Victor Cruz still being Victor Cruz?


Phillies this season and next?

The Phillies have lost only 21 times since the All-Star Break, and are 8 games out of the Wildcard spot. While Gill doesn't think they'll make the playoffs this season, he does think next season will be an improvement and expects Ruben Amaro, Jr to be very active in the off season for free agents and trades as this article by Jim Bowden points out, the Phillies could be in for a quick turnaround.


Ryan Messick, Notes From Novacare

Mike Gill brought our Eagles Insider on for a segment to talk about the Eagles vs. Browns game on Sunday. Brandon Boykin has been named the kick returner along with being the slot-cornerback when there are 3 receivers on the field. On the safety position, David Sims looks to battle it out Jaiquawn Jarrett to get on the field while Colt Anderson is out injured. Jason Babin expects to go all in for this first game as well. Follow our Eagles Insider Ryan Messick on Twitter.


Top Tweets


Bathroom Talk

Opened the 5 p.m. hour with some public restroom talk. Mike Gill read two stats off of 70 percent of people wash their hands after using a public restroom, while 50 percent of people have a "unpleasant experience" after using the bathroom. Mike and I talk about what kind of equipment these public places should have whether it be sinks, toilets, towels, etc.


5 Questions

1. Did Philadelphia make the list?

2. Good sign or bad sign on Chaney over Ryans?

3. Last night more impressive for Cowboys or more disappointing for Giants?

4. Were you pleased with last night's officials?

5. Who should Cleveland dislike more: Art Modell or LeBron James?


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