VOORHEES - For the last three weeks, R.J. Umberger has watched from afar. Nursing a foot injury he suffered blocking Blake Wheeler’s slapshot on Nov. 7, Umberger has been relegated to the press box for games.

As he looks down below at his struggling teammates, it all becomes clearer.

The game is much slower from the press box than it is from ice level. He can see the quicksand the Flyers are getting stuck in. One little thing goes wrong, then another and another and the deficit is suddenly insurmountable.

“I’ve seen this happen with teams in my career,” said Umberger, who skated for the first time Thursday and has four points in 11 games this season. “You get to the point where you have trouble scoring goals and it’s not for the lack of talent or anything in this room. Sometimes it just gets in your head. Scoring a goal is harder than it needs to be.”

Down at the bottom of the NHL, the Flyers have the least amount of goals with 38. The next best team has six more. Leading the pack is the Montreal Canadiens with 83.

“When something bad happens I think we need to put it behind us and move forward,” captain Claude Giroux said. “Right now we're keeping it with us where it's building over and over so we have to find away to turn the page.”

One way to do that may be with new personnel.