VANCOUVER, B.C. — Frustration is starting to build in and it goes far beyond last year’s leading scorer.

No one but the Anaheim Ducks have scored fewer goals than the Flyers this season. Jake Voracek, still scoreless through 10 games, is trying to find his stride and so is everyone else.

“I have to have more pucks on my stick,” Voracek said. “It’ll open up the space for the other players. I haven’t done a very good job at it, but it’s not my first time going through. I’m experienced enough to pull through it. We have four important games coming up and I’m sure I’ll be better and better every game.”

Part of why the Flyers are feeling so frustrated is because they’re exactly where they were last year at this time, only a little lighter in scoring. Just like last year, they are 4-4-2 through 10 games, but this time, with only 20, they have a dozen fewer goals.

So far, the offense has been led by the team’s oldest player, defenseman Mark Streit, who’s 38.

“You know what, I honestly haven’t thought about it in comparison to last year at all,” alternate captain Wayne Simmonds said. “This year to me, our lack of scoring reminds me of two years ago when we couldn’t score to save our souls in the first 10, 15 games and then all of a sudden after that it came like clockwork.”

Indeed, the Flyers only had 18 goals through 10 games to start the 2013-14 campaign. They were 3-7.