PHILADELPHIA — Misunderstood? Sometimes.

Entertaining? Always.

Honest? Perhaps too much.

Ilya Bryzgalov made a return to Wells Fargo Center Thursday night, only he wasn't in pads.

The former Flyers goalie, who is being paid nearly $2 million a year until 2027 thanks to a compliance buyout, was at the rink as a friend of Alex Ovechkin.

Back in June of 2011, the Flyers gave Bryzgalov a nine-year, $51 million contract. He was supposed to be the answer. By 2013, the answer was to cut him loose.

There were some bad times for Bryzgalov, now 35, like being benched for the 2012 Winter Classic or being muzzled for most of his second season with the Flyers.

"You know, I’m not regretting anything to be honest," Bryzgalov said hanging out with Ovechkin outside the Washington Capitals locker room after their 5-2 beating of the Flyers. "When I played here, I do my best. Give it all to the team. I maybe have misunderstandings with the coach, with teammates, with the media. But it’s all because I wanted to give my best. I give all my soul, all my passion to the team."

Thursday night he was among the fans, sitting in the fifth row of Wells Fargo Center and had pleasant interactions with the Flyers fans. For as much as he may have been booed and ridiculed in his two seasons in Philadelphia, all is forgotten now.