This has been one of the biggest weeks in the history of sports media for all of the wrong reasons. The Penn State child sex scandal has rocked the foundation of what we are paid to talk about on a daily basis. Unfortunately, many outlets, including Just a Bit Outside, failed to mention the continuing injustice that reared it's ugly head again in Central and Latin America.

Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos was abducted on Wednesday night in his home country of Venezuela. This type of crime is not uncommon in his country. The strange part? Usually the victims are children or vulnerable family members of the rich athlete or celebrity. Terrorists and kidnappers make it a habit of holding up their wealthy countrymen in exchange for large sums of cash.

Wilson Ramos is in our thoughts and prayers here at 97.3 ESPN FM. Not only is he an up and coming star catcher in the NL East, he's a young man with a full life to live. It's good to hear that is reporting that Venenzualan authorities believe Wilson is still alive and will be rescued soon.