For the past six seasons the Atlantic 10 called Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall home for its Conference Basketball Tournament. Crowing a champion to play in the big dance , its one of the most exciting times during the college basketball season.

However, the Hall is now empty in March, the A10 is heading to Brooklyn , NY so Atlantic City is left looking for a replacement.

But could the Hall be filled again soon?

An report suggest that the The Colonial Athletic Association could be under consideration:

"The CAA is now investigating the feasibility of putting its 2013 tournament at the famed Palestra in Philadelphia, which would be a major coup for league contender Drexel. Drexel’s campus is a block or two away from Penn’s Palestra homecourt. Baltimore and Atlantic City are also being discussed as potential future CAA tourney homes. A decision is due soon."

That would be a good fit for the Hall, with Drexel the nearest CAA school, but I can't imagine that the CAA will draw better then the A10 did the past six seasons.