I look at the current Phillies team and I see a shell of the team they once were. Has this team hit rock bottom just some sixty-two games into the 2012 season or is more heartache yet to come for phillies fans?

So far this season we have yet to see Chase Utley or Ryan Howard return to the lineup, Freddie Galvis, who looked to be a pleasant surprise this season, could now be lost for the year with an injured back, Roy Halladay has a sore shoulder, Cliff Lee has yet to win a game, Rollins and Victorino have struggled, the middle relief stinks, and the Manager isn't sure when to put in his closer?!! If you ask me, I would say that's rock bottom!

But believe it or not, this is actually good news. Why you ask? Well, starting tonight, the phillies still have exactly one hundred games left, and that's more than enough to climb themselves out of the deep, dark hole that they have created for themselves and fallen into. But what would dare give me that optimism??

Well, the reason that they've struggled is the exact reason they give me hope. Utley and Howard are on their way back, which will be a huge mental and physical lift for this team. Cliff Lee is just too good and will start winning games. Yes, Galvis may be lost for the season due to injury, but Halladay's shoulder will heal, Rollins and Victorino are veterans and they will contribute more consistently at the plate, especially with Utley and Howard back in the lineup. I have to believe the young middle relievers will learn from their early season struggles and gain some confidence with more innings under their belt, and I can only pray that manager Charlie Manuel starts understanding the roll of the closer, especially when and when NOT to put his closer in the game!

I know it sounds like a lot to ask, but this franchise has always shown us the ability to fight, isn't that why we love them, isn't that why we believe in them, isn't that why we call them the "Fightin Phils"? Don't lose hope just yet phillies fans. One hundred games remain, what will this year's phillies team do with them? What will this year's phillies team be remembered by? Only time will tell...