Since joining the Phillies, Tommy Joseph has put up a .311 Batting Average coupled with 5 Home Runs in just 20 games.  He has earned more playing time and forced Ryan Howard into a bench role.  But for how long can Joseph sustain this level of offensive production?

NBC Sports Senior Baseball Writer Craig Calcaterra talked with Mike Gill on Thursday and gave his insights about Tommy Joseph's future with the Phillies:

“His bat has looked well in the majors this season compared to Ryan Howard, but look at his track record, he played 7 seasons in the minors, overall they are not fantastic numbers, granted a lot of those seasons he was catching…. His on base percentage in the minors was fairly low (just a tick over 300) the power was not fantastic, he only hit double digit home runs a couple of times. Do you picture this guy as a corner piece in your lineup of the future? It is possible, he is only 24 years old, I don't think anyone has him penciled in as a long term offensive star, he is more of a place holder.”

Now some of his numbers are mediocre because he was recovering from injury.  Overall Joseph has a .255 Batting Average in the Minor Leagues but over the last couple seasons in 112 games Joseph has hit 17 Home Runs.  So there has been an uptick in his offensive production before he was called up to the big leagues.  Time will tell if Joseph's success is a flash in the pan or a sign of things to come.

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