Terrell Owens is one of the greatest wide receivers to every live. 1,058 receptions. 15,934 yards. 153 receiving touchdowns. The numbers speak volumes to what kind of immense talent, drive and will that Terrell has possessed since being drafted out of Tennessee-Chattanooga in April of 1996 by the San Francisco 49ers. That being said, it's time for T.O. to go home. The NFL Network broadcast of Owens workout on Tuesday was embarrassing. Not one NFL scout was in attendance. Professional teams couldn't even take the time to send an intern to clock the guy in the 40 yard dash. Despite having another productive season in 2010 (72-983-9), he wasn't even worth a look for any contenders 53 man roster. Why? Because his act has worn thin, his production doesn't match the headaches anymore, quarterbacks dislike him, and it's just illogical to replace a young, developing wide receiver on a depth chart with a 37 year old reality television, real life Rod Tidwell.

Owens might be healthy coming off of knee surgery -- agent Drew Rosenhaus says he can play as early as this weekend -- or he might not. He might be able to make plays. He might still be an asset to an offense. But at this point nobody cares. In house options, even ones that aren't household names, are much more attractive to coaches. The addition of the spread into NFL offenses has allowed young wide receivers to contribute from Day 1, something that was a foreign concept even just five years ago. Teams don't need or want veteran wide receivers anymore. Especially ones with personalities.

Terrell was once the biggest news story in the sport. Now he can't even get a team to pay attention.