Cincinnati Reds broadcaster Jeff Brantley knows a thing about shoulder surgeries.

Actually, he knows two things, he's had two shoulder surgeries during his career similar to the one Roy Halladay just had performed on Wednesday.

According to Brantley, his shoulder still hurts him to this very day and they didnt do a thing for his career.

For Halladay however, he's hearing differently.

"As a matter of fact, they're talking like Roy Halladay will be able to come back and throw in a normal fashion, that's not a good thing for the National League."

Brantley has seen these Phillies in Cincinnati earlier this season where his Reds swept the series.

Brantley told Mike Gill that during that time Charlie Manuel was still trying to get his batting order in order with new additions like Michael Young and Delmon Young.

Also, Brantley in no way shape or form wants to be in Ruben Amaro's shoes when a Chase Utley decision must be made.

"Always tough to say goodbye, great GMs around baseball know how to make those decisions," Brantley said.