Jessica-Jane Clement is an English glamour model, actress and TV presenter who has appeared on several UK television shows and in magazines like Loaded and Nuts. Her big break came on the TV show ‘The Real Hustle’ where she did magic tricks, distraction scams and proposition bets on strangers to show viewers how to avoid being fooled by street scams. Jessica-Jane is our crush today for admitting to almost missing her big break for an incredibly ridiculous reason.

On her official website, Jessica-Jane admits “I was 19 when I auditioned for ‘The Real Hustle.’ I originally cancelled, as I was meant to view a puppy. I rescheduled the puppy viewing.” There is a good chance she could have blown her only shot at being famous just to get a dog. Crazy how life works out.

We wonder whatever happened to that puppy? Imagine that poor pooch’s luck. He had the chance to live an amazing life with a gorgeous gal like Jessica-Jane as an owner. He probably ended up with a family of five children who ignore him all day until he drops a hot squirt on the living room rug. Or worse, he’s performing perverted tricks for Beggin Strips. We can’t fault him, those things are delicious.

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