Some say the Sixers rebuilding process needs years to be fixed.

One basketball mind would only need a few minutes.

Take current SMU men's basketball coach Larry Brown, for example. He thinks it would only take him "five minutes" to fix any and all of the problems plaguing a 1-25 76ers team right now.

Brown, who is currently serving a nine game, NCAA imposed suspension hasn't been on board with the 76ers rebuild since it's inception, it's even made him sick to his stomach in the past.

Still, the former 76ers coach wants to help them get back to a 2001 NBA Finals type status speaking with Jon Marks of Sheridan Hoops:

“I'm sick of what's going on there,” Brown said, who's hopeful that old friend Jerry Colangelo will guide them in the right direction. “You know I care about the Sixers. It's an unbelievable basketball city and I had a great experience there. I don't want to get on them when they're struggling, but they don't have any veteran leadership. I want to help. I could straighten it out in five minutes. I wish they'd get Allen involved. All those young kids worship him."

Brown has much experience taking young, inexperienced NBA teams and making them into competitors, but he also has experience of guiding a New York Knicks team to a 23-win season in 2005.

The campaign for Iverson, however, is an interesting one.

The organization is already making attempts at becoming more stable and structured with the hiring of Jerry Colangelo to a chairman of basketball operations role. The 76ers also signed head coach Brett Brown to an extension, as well as possibly hiring Mike D'Antoni to an associate head coach position.

Iverson would carry weight being around the youngest team in the NBA, grooming the players that grew up idolizing the former Sixers guard. But perhaps using the word "mentor" to define an Iverson role could be a stretch.

I'd say it's going to take more than five minutes to get the Sixers competitive again.