Karina Smirnoff, professional ballroom dancer and thirteen time participant on ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ is our crush today for finally getting off the snide and winning the mirror ball trophy this season with her partner J.R. Martinez. Looks like the thirteenth time is the charm.

Karina is a triple threat — smart, gorgeous and she can dance. Most men can handle the first two, but the last asset, that’s a tough hurdle in a relationship. Men can accept the fact that we have no rhythm, but when dating a woman that’s a fantastic dancer, it makes events like weddings even worse. Women always want to dance, even if they stink. Put on music near a group of women and their shoes are off and they start getting down within ten minutes. Men will only dance for two reasons — either with promises of sex or promises of everything that leads to sex.

It’s our possession of ‘two left feet’ that keep women like Karina single and on the market. Perhaps we should work on our dancing moves for a shot at girls like her? Does anyone out there want to teach us how dance? Let’s start with something easy like ‘the running man.’


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