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Weather Will be an Issue for Eagles-Falcons
PHILADELPHIA ( - The joke around much of the Northeast is that if you don't like the weather now, just wait a few minutes.
Samuel Clemens was the first to put that observation to paper about the area he eventually made his home, New England...
Jeffery and Foles Try to Get on Same Page
PHILADELPHIA ( - Alshon Jeffery and Nick Foles haven't exactly prospered as partners in the chemistry lab that is the Philadelphia Eagles post-Carson Wentz.
The lengthy wideout, who signed a lucrative four-year extension just over a week before Wentz went down with a torn ACL in Los Angel…
London’s Calling the Eagles
PHILADELPHIA ( - As expected, the Eagles are finally set to invade the United Kingdom in 2018.
The Eagles will play in London as the road team against UK regular Jacksonville next season.
The official announcement was made on Thursday and was expected ever since NFL UK managing director Al…
Foles Plans to ‘Keep on Going’
PHILADELPHIA ( - In an effort to fill the seemingly unquenchable thirst of football fans, NFL media has come up with a convoluted measurement of the quarterbacks who remain alive in the playoffs: trustworthiness ranking.
To no one's surprise Eagles quarterback Nick Foles finished eighth i…
Falcons-Eagles: Quinn Gearing Up For Punch in the Mouth
PHILADELPHIA ( - Doug Pederson is fond of the idiom "if it ain't broke, don't fix it," so it should be no surprise that the Eagles seem to be doing the maintenance on Jay Ajayi so when Saturday rolls around and they pull the cord on their big back, the results…

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