If you’re a fan of VH1’s hit reality show ‘Tough Love Miami’, or well, just a fan of really hot girls, we’ve got a treat for you. We recently caught up with Leilani Dowding, a former Miss Great Britain, and one of the show’s sexy stars.

GuySpeed: Viewers love you on the show—but it’s a bit frustrating. How do you feel about the way you’re portrayed so far?

Leilani: I was upset as being portrayed as superficial because I said I wanted a “successful” man.  I don’t define success by money. So when I said successful I didn’t mean solely rich. On 1st dates I don’t like to tell a guy everything I want because men can lie and pretend they are a certain way or that they like similar things. I’d rather see how things unfold but that doesn’t mean I’m superficial or don’t get deep

GS: Do you think being on the show will make finding the right guy even tougher–or a lot easier?

Leilani: I think it will be easier. I learned a lot, and had great advice, not just about dating but about portraying myself correctly.

GS: What’s the best or worst part of starring in a reality show, so far?

Leilani: I guess the worst part is when they see you air your dirty washing, but I’m not the most private person anyhow. The best part is being able to watch back and see yourself from someone else’s perspective.

GS: Love how those beautiful dresses you’re wearing on the show are from your own clothing line. (Pretty smart!) How did you get into that business?

Leilani: Thank you!  I started making myself dresses I wanted to wear,  LA is a hard place to find something sexy AND elegant. People would always ask 5 or 6 times where I got them from whenever I wore them out. so I started small making 5 or 6 of one style at a time.

GS: What’s an instant turn-off during a date?

Leilani: Bad manners and negativity.

GS: What do you find most sexy in a guy?

Leilani: I find gentlemanly men sexy. Big eyes, and a guy who can make me laugh.

GS: What would totally surprise us about you?

Leilani: I’m kind of hippyish!  I like low maintenance stuff, relaxing stuff. Things that don’t require too much effort. I’d much rather have a night in in front of the TV with my dogs than a huge night out.

GS: So…have you been naughty or nice this year, Miss Dowding?

Leilani: I’ve been nice this year…with some naughty bits which were nice …


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